That Is No Fate (I) | 2023 | Acrylic on Canvas | 140 x 120 cm

The failures of mankind to stop or even limit the global climate catastrophe are obvious. Whole countries and islands are sinking in the floods, forests are burning all over the world and a mass extinction of animal species has begun.
In its latest report, the IPCC has once again issued an urgent warning against "business as usual".

In view of this irresponsible inaction of mankind, the artist YOOL has only a grotesque to cynical reaction left. He quotes art-historically known works from Impressionism and Romanticism and transfers them into our time.
C.D. Friedrich's "Wanderer over the Sea of Clouds", Monet's "The Stroller", Rodin's "The Thinker" or "The Sower" by van Gogh are mutated into desperate optimists.

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Cause and effect

Nine eleven | Acrylic and canvas strips glued on canvas | 60 x 80 cm

The trigger for the group of works was the terrorist destruction of the two towers of the World Trade Center by Islamist bombers with almost 3,000 dead and, as a reaction to this, the attack by the USA on Iraq, which was not covered by international law.
A mixture of paranoia, hegemony, divine mission consciousness (G.W. Bush) and lack of reflection about the "aftermath" led to a disaster in the Middle East.

It was the arrogance of some politicians and the administration that used the feelings of revenge in parts of the people, lied to the UN and led the coalition of the willing into the war against the "axis of evil".

We are all still feeling the consequences today.

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(T)Error | Acrylic on Canvas | 80 x 60 cm

In the portraits of VIP, the artist YOOL explores the question of which particular character traits, attitudes, statements and actions characterize a person of social significance.

The results are tightrope walks between convetional portrait and caricature.

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