Algorhitmic art

Pas de deux


Homage to Beethoven

Artist YOOL works in recent years increasingly with the computer as a tool for the creation of digital, moving artworks, also called algorhitmic or generative art.

In the programmed works, the integration of one or more random generators creates a continuous, endless work that varies its appearance with each restart. This leads to a very exciting way of looking at art, since the viewer himself becomes the curator of the quality of the work.

In addition, the problem of "original and copy" is eliminated. Since the work appearing on the screen at any given time is unique and volatile, there can be no exact copy of it. With each run, a new original is created.

A comparison with music shows the analogies: The work programmed by the artist via algorithms corresponds to the score in which the composer lays down his ideas. The role of visual realization is played by the performing musician or an orchestra. And the role of the random generators in the algorithmic works of art is assumed by the conductor in music.

Since this website here (yool-media) does not allow the integration of simple executable files (exe.files, as generated by the generative program used), or only with difficult effort, the following works are integrated as pure videos, which are of course limited in time.