Objects / Installations

Experiment  # 1

Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace

This phrase by the American historian Barns is a critical review and assessment of the development of American foreign policy during the presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt.
The artist YOOL applied it to the political situation in the Middle East between Israel and Palestine to chracterize the almost hopeless situation.
He used a so-called Möbius strip for the artistic representation, since this knows no beginning and no end, no front and no back, no left and no right. When you go around it twice, you come back out at the starting point.

Excerpts from the work

Experiment  # 2

Malevich thought to the end

At the beginning of the last century, the Russian painter Kasimir Malevich abstracted his suprematist painting more and more, so that in the end he only covered a white square surface with black paint. Thus, for him, painting had come to an end.

YOOL continues this thought (with a wink), even reducing any painting ground. All that remains is the contentless frame.


Experiment  # 3


At the end of the noughties YOOL experimented with matches, intact or also burned, depending on the content of the work.
At one time they represent crowds of people, at another time the perpendicular direction to a surface to emphasize the curvature ( as in the work "Gravity").

Likewise, living nature such as plants came into use at that time


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Experiment  # 4

"Das große Hosenstück" (YOOL)

The great piece of pants

"Das große Hasenstück" (Hörl) The great piece of hares

In 2003, the artist Ottmar Hörl (then rector of the Nuremberg Art Academy) published an installation on the main market with 5000 hares, designed after Dürer's hare. Only the injection mold was formed by Hörl, the rest was done by the machines. He then placed these 5000 completely identical rabbits, unshaped, on a uniform grid of slats.
This "serial art", as Hörl called it, displeased the artist YOOL and he dubbed this kind of art "impression art". In order not to theorize and prove the opposite, that the 5000 hares belong to a lower quality level, he developed a counterpart of 100 pants stiffened by gesso based on the Franconian dialect: In Franconian, hares [Hasen] are pronounced like pants [Hosen].

This installation attracted an extremely high level of attention for two weeks in April 2004, which was also reflected in the press.

Ottmar Hörl was not amused



From construction to auction

Experiment  # 5

Re : cycle

For the exhibition "Re:duce, Re:use, Re:cycle" artist YOOL developed an installation based entirely on self-recycling natural material: watercress.
The work consisted of 9 square fields, each containing cress at different stages of development, from germinating seeds to dead plants.

The work had been prepared and designed in a two-week action.

Excerpts from the work