Posters and Satire

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Coltan | Congo | Children | Criminals |  Cash | Consumption

Ideal circular economy with a stable supply chain. A supply chain we can rely on: Congo has coltan, children who mine it, warlords who sell it to us. We use it to produce cell phones and finance the warlords' war for more mines and ethnic cleansing.

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Fiery Brazil

211 million Brazilians are rich! There is about one cow for every person: 215 million in total.

Unfortunately, this is only statistically true. In Recife, 20% of the richest claim 85% of the national income, while 40% of the population have an income below the legal minimum wage. Next to South Africa, Brazil is the country with the greatest inequality (UN statistics).


And Brazil is now the largest beef exporter in the world. For the benefit of a few cattle barons.

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Vacation in Nickel Mine

My recommendation for Dan Bronstein, CEO of the Swiss Solway Group: Take a vacation in their nickel mine at the idyllic Lake Izabal.


Because - according to their company - there is no air pollution there, the lake is pure, and the Mayan Q'eqchi will prepare you and your family a feast of grilled fish from crystal clear mine tailings.

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Mad cow disease

A few less trees and wildlife, a little fire and a few more large barns and we can soon feed 10 billion people with Brazilian Angus steaks, Congolese butter and Austalian beef roulade. We can do it !