The artist YOOL (by civil name: Reinhold Knapp) is a border crosser and bridge builder at the same time.
A wanderer between the world of aesthetics and political society. One who is deeply rooted in the natural sciences and at the same time pushes the intuitive, playful in his work.

As a practitioner he creates images, objects and installations, he elicits algorithmic art and image animations from computers, designs performances and multivisions. The focus is not on stylistic aspects but on the maximum effect of the medium.


As a theorist, he devotes himself primarily to the question of how to evaluate art. He searches for commonalities in mathematics, physics and art, researches regularities in images and formulas. This is how the idea of the "Black Cube" gallery came about in 2014.


Not his first idea. In 1982, he founded the media house Dialog Design, and in the company he dealt with design issues using computers and with the emerging storage media CD-ROM and later the Internet. After 18 years he left the company to devote himself entirely to the liberal arts. His professional career began with the study of communications engineering at the Technical University of Karlsruhe, he worked for a few years as a graduate engineer in the free economy and then became self-employed as a documentary filmmaker.

As different as YOOL's professional activities may seem, they all had something in common: the curiosity of the scientist and that of the artist.