Gallery Black Cube

View of the gallery, where there is also the possibility to show the algorithmic works and videos of YOOL

YOOL founded the gallery "Black Cube" in 2005. Black cube instead of white cube should be program: The artist's works were not to be presented as usual in a quasi-sacred, white room of a museum, where (according to the philosopher Schopenhauer) one should stand in front of a work of art and wait until it speaks to one, as in the audience of a prince.

Rather, the gallery was to offer the possibility of attracting a non-art-affine audience, of being able to discuss different views on the design and content of the exhibited works in a contrarian manner, and also to take away children's and young people's shyness towards art.


The concept has been a complete success. In a lecture on the museum and gallery scene in Erlangen, art historian Dr. Harald Tesan described the Black Cube as the most important private gallery in the city.