YOOL exhibitions at the Gallery Black Cube

November / December 2017
Collaborative exhibition with Reiner Schulz on the topic: power and abuse of power of the big four (Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook)

 Art of algorithms - algorithms of art
April / May 2017
Joint exhibition with Reiner Schulz on the topic: algorithms and their impact on our lives.

 The Erlangen Castle Garden
June / July 2016
Painted pictures, photographs and overpainted photographs from the Erlanger Schlossgarten.

 Re:duce, Re:use, Re:cycle
January / February 2016
About the waste of resources in our society

(See: Objects / Installations  | Experiment #5)

Exhibitions of YOOL external

14-18-14 : In the West nothing new
September 2014 to January 2015 at the Erlanger Stadtmuseum.
Joint exhibition together with Reiner Schulz and Christian Hamsea. Exhibited was the installation "Der Leviathan" and the image animation "Totentanz im 12/1 Takt". For the finissage the performance "Matt in three moves" was performed.

The art of the portrait
November / December 2008 at the Erlangen City Museum
Joint exhibition. On display there were the portrait of U.S. President George Bush titled "(T)Error" and of German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder titled "The New Middle".

(See "Socio critical/Paintings/Very important persons")

The "Große und kleine Hosenstück"
April 2004 on the Martin-Luther-Platz in Erlangen.
The 100 pants stiffened by gesso were a replica of "Das große Hasenstück" by Ottmar Hörl in Nuremberg a year earlier. (See: Objects/Installations | Experiment #4)

YOOL exhibitions at the Kunstverein

2014 : Data Mining (Object)

(See: Objects/Installations | Experiment #3)


2010: Ikarus (Algorithmic art)


2008: Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace (Object)

(See: Objects/Installations | Experiment #1)


2004: The Irresponsibility (Object)

(See: Objects/Installations | Experiment #3)