NASA reveals: every red dot a fire.

Fiery Brazil

211 million inhabitants, 215 million cattle, that's Brazil. But that's not what Brazil eats. In 2020, the country exported 2.7 million tons of beef, most of it to China.
Cattle need pasture, but there's rainforest. So: get rid of it, burn it down, it costs nothing, at most a match.

 Cattle baron Adelio Barofaldi:

"If the world wants us to leave the rainforest standing, then they have to pay us for it."
Agreed. Then guarantee us that the money ends up with the population and not in the pockets of the barons.
Scary how fast the green lungs of the world are shrinking. But before we feel the negative effects worldwide, it's your turn, Brazilians. The south will become a steppe because the rainforest will no longer supply rain. By then, your hides will be long gone and you'll be stranded.
"We'll be in the Maldives by then."
Sorry, they'll be long gone by then.